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*Please note that despite the "we", Hephatech is actually a one-man shop (with a remarkably catchy, though slightly misleading, slogan)


Hephatech is the proud maker of the following mobile-friendly websites:

My Birthday Facts is an engaging mobile web application that allows you to look up fun and interesting facts about the day you were born. Facts like:

Additionally, My Birthday Facts features the bestselling unique gift idea: The Birthday Report. A popular 40+ page report with all the facts related to a person's birthday.

With My Birthday Facts, you can also see a world map of other people born on your birthday. You can add your birthday and location to the map, as well as connect with others on Facebook who were born on the same day.

This is just a sample of some of the things you can do on My Birthday Facts. We encourage you to explore the site, and have fun.

The Gift Of Herbs is an informational site about herbal tea. It includes several herbal tea recipes, as well as detailed information including historical use and modern research results about each individual herb.

Ottawa Recreation Search was awarded first prize in the City of Ottawa's Apps4Ottawa contest!

10,000 courses.

1,100 recreation facilities.

1,000 parks and green spaces.

Never before has there been an easy way for residents to sort through the abundant recreation opportunities offered by their city. Ottawa Recreation Search is a designed-for-mobile website that allows visitors to effectively and visually search the recreation facilities and classes offered by the city of Ottawa, Ontario.

With a map of the locations of classes and facilities, and our advanced search tools, you can answer questions such as:

This is just a sample of some of the ways you can search the city's data and have access to the resources that suit your busy, urban lifestyle.

About Hephatech

Hephatech was founded in 2012 by Jean Grandbois, a 25-year veteran of software development. Jean is currently located in the badlands of Alberta, Canada (in the town of Drumheller).

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HephaTech - from Hephaestus, Greek mythological figure of fire, metalworking, stonemasonry, and sculpture. He is the smith of the gods, armed with hammer and tongs, the tools of a smith.

What solutions can we forge for your business?

In addition to mobile web app technologies, Hephatech also offers you 25+ years of experience in general software development, geographic information systems (ESRI ArcGIS developer for 18 years), and database design and programming.