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Classes and Facilities

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Set as many criteria as you wish to narrow the list of classes you are interested in, and then click the Search button.

Age range

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Tip: For children under 4 years old, stating the age in months will yield more accurate results.

Optional fine tuning

Only show classes where:

Tip: Most adult courses have an upper limit of 99, so don't lower this value if you want to see adult classes.

Class type

Classes that have:


Show classes within a given distance of the following address:

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Days of the week

Show classes that are only on these days (i.e. UN-check the days that you are not available):

Class times

Show classes that start and end within these time ranges.

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Park Selection


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Parks with these dog policies:


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  • Click on facility types to draw them on the map.
  • On the map, click facilities to get information on that location, as well as getting directions to it.
  • At any time you can click the compass (North arrow) to get directions.
  • You can hide the facility list by clicking the 'minus' button next to 'Choose facility types'.

There are 3 things you can do here:

  1. Click the blue markers on the map to get information about the classes offered there.
  2. Click Search to set class search parameters (age, days of the week, distance from your house, time of day, etc)
  3. Click Browse to view lists of classes sorted alphabetically by categories and titles.

For a displayed class, you can get directions to the location by clicking 'Map It' next to the complex name. At any time you can also click the compass (North arrow) to get directions.

Use the search criteria to narrow the number of parks displayed on the screen. You can:

  1. Find parks within a distance of an address.
  2. Find parks with a specific dog policy.
  3. Find parks next to water (rivers, creeks, etc).
  4. Find a park by its name.

Click on a park to get details about it, and for directions.

The dark green lines are the city's pathways. Click the compass (North arrow) to get directions between two locations. When directions are displayed, you can drag the endpoints, or any segment, to get alternate routes.

cycling soccer swim gym baseball tennis volleyball weight training martial arts